Mission 199: An Update

What is up peoples!? It’s been awhile since I checked in, and I know you’re all getting restless. As some of you know, I have been on a mission the last two months. The goal was to lose 14.2 pounds in two months and weigh in at 199.8 on April 1st.

So without further delay, I can announce that I…… did not make it. Boooo.


It’s totally okay though. It certainly wasn’t a shocking disappointment. I lost 11 pounds in two months, alright? That’s nothing to be upset about. The main motivation of this two month goal was to keep me motivated and on track as I struggled. And I definitely struggled. I swear my body just does not want to hit 199, guys. I am very close though. I give it two more weeks, three weeks tops.  I already have my celebration planned; I just need my body to cooperate.

So, even though I did not hit my ultimate goal, we did have an exciting two months of non-scale victories!

For one, I used to wear an XXL at Old Navy. So I went there this time figuring I’d try an XL outfit on. That was a terrible mistake. I looked like I was drowning in plaid. While Old Navy is notoriously generous with their sizing, I will say that buying a few outfits without an ‘X’ on the size tag was very exciting. Size Large never looked so good.

I also went back to the gym finally! I really dislike working out in public. It’s the worst. This is why I have an elliptical and weight set at home. I wanted to work on a treadmill though so I packed a fancy new gym outfit and off I went. Of course, I went to check in and they were like, “Umm just scan your card..” So I looked at my card and was confused as I had no barcode on it… And they finally got up and came and looked at my card and scoffed at how old it was… I THOUGHT THIS WAS A JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE, PLANET FITNESS??? Other than that it’s been alright. I even went after work for the first time ever this week. It was awkwardly crowded, and some guy got on a treadmill next to me and I spent the next 10 minutes worried our hands would accidentally touch and I’d never be able to go to the gym again.

On that note, I was shopping at Walgreens a couple weeks ago browsing some makeup, and some dude came up and asked for my phone number. This has never happened to me before, so naturally I thought he was asking for help, and I informed him I did not work there. Eventually I figured out he was indeed just asking for my number. I accidentally laughed and said no. Now I can never go to Walgreens again.

Let’s see, what else… Oh! Quick Bucket List update! I have reached the goal pay I wanted to make at 30 years old. Only 2 years early. Which is good, because gosh it’s expensive to buy so many boneless skinless chicken breasts...

I think that wraps up the last two months well enough, hoping I’ll be back soon with a more exciting goal announcement! I had Chipotle on Friday and I’m refusing to cheat again until the goal is met. The idea of having Chipotle again is the only reason I will bring myself to workout. Actually, my plan is to finally go to a Chinese Buffet once I hit my goal as I mentioned way back in December’s Cheat Days post. I literally don’t remember the last time I had Chinese food. I’ll probably rent out their sketchy private party room and just sit there by myself all day. It’s an exciting life I lead.

Anyways, I should go do something more productive than staring at my computer screen thinking about Chinese Buffets. I do that every day. See you all at 199.8!

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